A demon hunter stolen from his home and placed in a strange world.


Shouji underwent many trials in his life, mostly due to the time he was born in. He devoted himself to ridding Japan of demons which plagued the land and its people. When he appeared in the uncreative wasteland, he was confused, and believed it to be a world of a demon’s design. He wandered about attempting to find an answer, a way to be freed from his illusory prison. The environment was strange and unnatural, and the people fit well with it. They spoke a language which was far from his own but with the aid of a magical scroll he could interpreter small parts and introduce himself to the host. “I am paper door.” he said to Phil Assbottom, translating his name litterally.

Once inside the building he was surrounded by strange things, noises and people. One thing was certain though, he could hear evil coming from the basement. As he descended the steps shrouded in black darkness, he found a beast chained to the wall. The beast lept from its prison and fled the basement making strange sounds-“POTATO”- all the while. Beyond this, there was a devil in the basement, and Shouju prepared for battle. The demon was non hostile however, and proceeded to speak to Shouji in Japanese. The demon, “Ransu”, explained that Shouji was in a world of evil’s design and it would soon end. Left with a sort of riddle, Shouji ascended the stares and explored the rooms of the structure. Shouji found himself in front of a golden indentation in the wall at the end of a hall, he used his special sword to pry it open and inside, found a horse. He gently pet the beast and freed it from the chain bindings it was caught in. It lept in joy and Shouji left the room. He had a slight misgiving at that moment but proceeded to leave. Behind another wooden barrier, there was a sinister sound. When Shouji bypassed it he felt strong killing intent, and reflected a horrific gaze with his polished weapon, and withough a moments delay smashed what was in front of him. In a cautious confusion, he looked around him and after finding nothing left. Clearing another barrier yeilded no result, just an empty room with a cushion. Beyond the final blockade however was a spastic demon which Shouji mutilated and crushed. The moon was becoming red and Shouji was beginning to sense the answer to the mystery of the building. After watching other events unfold, he wandered outside coaxed by the cries of evil. He determined there was nothing around but the air clearly emanated a message of death, this world would soon end. Shouji felt compelled to warn the others and with a metal object he grabbed from the room before, began banging on his sword. His aim was to call the others and address them, even if he could not understand them at least one could speak with him. Seveal minutes passed and his alarm did not serve an effective warning. He entered again to find most everyone gone, and proceeded to the basement where a large amount of commotion was heard. His vision was filled with horror as the rampant schemes of Ransu were taking shape, he was surrounded by the beast’s work. Writhing on pain in the floor was a wailing monster – “POTATO” – as an animate brown lump skitters across the floor. There lies a horse unconscious, his head thrust into a vat of waste. All surrounding Ransu, laughing manically. He left one foreboding remark and all were shrouded in darkness. The sky cleared and the building shattered, after a remark from the host all but a few were brutally killed. A true demon, the likes of which Shouji had killed before, appeared. He lept upon its back, taking a fiery blast, and left a powerfull gash in its back. The creatures arm explodes after a loud boom, and Shouji implants the sword into the creatures spine to unleash his hidden demon slaying technique upon it. The beast wailed in pain and threw Shouji off but before a painful fall occurred, Shouji jumped back with extreme force and pierced the demons heart with his fist. After that, the world distorted and Shouji lost his sight. His vision saw a light, and he asked it if he could return home…

…The light said yes.


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